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A Breakthrough Cardiovascular Assessment
Tool Used with any Mobile Device

New Approach to Accurately
Assess Heart Health.
Freedom to Assess your heart health anytime, anywhere, and as often as you want... Just input your heart rate and blood pressure data.

What Is Cardiopuls™?

The Cardiopuls™ noninvasive hemodynamic analyzer is a patented computerized clinical decision system which accurately computes stroke volume, cardiac output and numerous other related hemodynamic parameters – in both real-time and/or retrospectively. Cardiopuls can be used for noninvasive (and invasive applications), such as, primary care, ambulatory, critical care, telemedicine, military medicine, emergency room, pre-operative, post-operative care, life & health insurance examinations, and, in general, large scale user screening.

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We invite you to submit a completed user questionnaire. This can be data of a user in the resting position and exercise treadmill testing. In response, we will provide a comprehensive hemodynamic profile for that particular user.

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